Waiting on 33 (L&N)

“WAITING ON 33” by Tom Rock
Copyright © 1993, T.D.R. Productions
Sheet: 18″ x 25″ / Image: 14″ x 22″

Coming off a redboard at the Englewood, Tennessee depot, Train No.33 “The Southland”, with L1 Class No.417 prepares to depart for Atlanta, while Class J3 No.1510 looks on.

In the late 1880’s, small communities were developing in McMinn County, Tennessee. Many had a postmaster who owned a general store, or in some instances his home also housed the post office. Investors and developers saw a great potential for this area and felt that a railroad line was needed between Athens and Tellico Plains, especially with the resources of minerals and lumber in the Tellico Plains area.

On July 16, 1887, the Tellico Railroad Company was formed, and by 1888 the 22.42 mile line connecting Athens to Tellico was completed. In 1889 the Knoxville Southern Railroad Company merged with the Marietta and North Georgia Railroad, forming the Atlanta, Knoxville, and Northern Railroad, called the AKN, which connected Knoxville with Atlanta. When the two lines met in McMinn county on April 14, 1893, Tellico Junction was established. The AKN was then purchased by the Louisville and Nashville Railroad (L&N) in 1902.

The depot at Tellico Junction was constructed by the L&N Railroad in 1905, then on January 21, 1908, Tellico Junction officially became Englewood when the post office was established there. The depot served this thriving little textile community for nearly 48 years until finally on August 15, 1953, the L&N Railroad permanently discontinued the operation and passenger service to Englewood. To mark this monumental occasion, one last passenger train ran from Athens to Tellico, fittingly called “Old Dusty’s Last Run”.

In this reminiscent scene, “WAITING ON 33”, a grade crossing accident has forced the operator at Englewood to stop Train No.33, “The Southland”. Digging in to make up for lost time, the fireman on Class L1 mountain type No.417 bids farewell to the crew on Class J3 Mike No.1510, as she continues her trip to Atlanta.


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